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Portal to Asian Internet Resources (PAIR)   printer-friendly-version
Program: Technological Innovation and Cooperation for Foreign Information Access
Award Number: P337A020001
Grant Period: 10/01/2002 - 09/30/2006
World Area: Asia
2002:  $195,000
2003:  $195,000
2004:  $195,000
Total:  $585,000
Institution: University of Wisconsin-Madison
Project Director: Wayne Hayes
c/o Research & Sponsored Programs
750 University Avenue, 4th Floor
Madison, Wisconsin 53706
Tel: 6082622270
Fax: 6082652754
Email: whayes@library.wisc.edu
The events of September 11, 2001 and afterwards have abruptly focused American attention on and directly involved the United States in Afghanistan, an Asian nation about which the vast majority of Americans know very little. A major report of the Education Division of the Asia Society, "Asia in the Schools," recently highlighted the low level of knowledge of Asia by American school students and adults. If the United States is to have an educated citizenry capable of understanding and shaping appropriate responses to emerging events, issues, and trends in Asia, Americans need reliable, broad-based, and easily accessible information from the region.

To address this need, the General Library System, University of Wisconsin-Madison, together with The Ohio State University Libraries and the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities Libraries, proposes to develop a Portal to Asian Internet Resources (PAIR). PAIR will provide a set of value-added services to facilitate and improve access to Internet resources from Asia. To support the Asian information needs of various user communities -- faculty and students at secondary and university levels, instructors and students of less commonly taught Asian languages, business professionals, and government officials, for example: PAIR will employ a three-pronged approach encompassing teaching, outreach, and preservation strategies.