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TICFIA Project   printer-friendly-version
Program: Technological Innovation and Cooperation for Foreign Information Access
Award Number: P337A090018
Grant Period: 10/01/2009 - 09/30/2012
World Area: International
2009:  $379,998
2010:  $189,999
Total:  $569,997
Institution: Northern Illinois University
Project Director: Drew VandeCreek
Founders Memorial Library 27
Northern Illinois University
DeKalb, Illinois 60115
Tel: 8157537179
Fax: 8157531062
Email: drew@niu.edu
The proposed project seeks to contribute to the digitization, preservation, and dissemination of a variety Southeast Asian data in several significant ways, with the larger goals of promoting instruction in the Indonesian, Javanese, Malay, Thai, Lao, Khmer, and Vietnamese languages and area studies in Southeast Asia. The project will also focus on developing a set of skills in Southeast Asia and technical infrastructure insuring the development of its repository and web site beyond the period of TICFIA funding. Northern Illinois University Libraries will administer this project with the assistance of the Committee on Research Materials on Southeast Asia (CORMOSEA), a committee of the Southeast Asia Council of the Association for Asian Studies. The project will be implemented in collaboration with partner organizations including Cornell University Libraries and Southeast Asian Studies Center; the University of Hawaii Libraries; Yale University Libraries; the Vietnamese Nom Preservation Foundation; the Lontar Foundation (Indonesia); Chiang Mai University (Thailand); the Center for the Study of Islam and Society at the Islamic State University of Indonesia; the National University of Malaysia; the Faculty of Fine Arts of Laos; and individual scholars and artists in Vietnam and Cambodia. Together, these collaborators will digitize significant materials including texts, such as manuscripts and published resources; images, including photographs and murals; sound materials, including interviews with public figures and artists; and video materials featuring Southeast Asian scholars, writers, artists, and citizens discussing their work and experiences. The project will develop a secure digital repository by which these institutions, as well as individual scholars may preserve resources while disseminating them via the Southeast Asia Digital Library Project repository and web site (http://sea.lib.niu.edu). In addition, project collaborators will contribute to technical innovation in the field of digital library development, developing a spatially and temporally oriented interface to project materials using Geographic Information Systems technology and standards. They will also support the design and implementation of a search and retrieval tool for use with Vietnamese Nom script materials and an open source application enabling individuals to upload digital objects and related metadata to project offices.

Several aspects of the project will insure the development of its repository and web site beyond the period of TICFIA funding. The project’s secure upload utility, presented in conjunction with a call for contributors on the project web site and a significant informational campaign making scholars in Southeast Asia aware of this opportunity to preserve and disseminate their data, will help these individuals to contribute materials to the project repository and web site.. Participating librarians and Title VI-funded centers will identify leading Southeast Asian scholars who might best contribute to the growth of the SEADL by contributing materials from personal collections. These collaborators will also assist in verifying the identity and qualifications of subsequent individuals and organizations seeking to contribute additional resources. Project staff members will develop and test these systems and procedures in conjunction with the project’s digitization work, in particular its collaborations with individual scholars, writers, and artists. Ultimately, these aspects of the proposed work will establish an infrastructure by which future collaborators might contribute to the project repository without direct participation in TICFIA-funded activities.

Languages: Countries:
Khmer (Cambodian)
Malay (Bahasa Melayu or Malaysian)
Disciplines: Subjects:
Global/international relations and studies
Interdisciplinary studies
International/area studies
Library science
Political science
Religious studies
Area Studies
Less Commonly Taught Languages (LCTL)