Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Language

This program awards grants to institutions of higher education as well as public and private non-profit agencies to plan, develop and carry out programs to strengthen undergraduate instructions in international studies and foreign languages.

To learn more visit www.ed.gov/programs/iegpsugisf.



CFDA Number: 84.016A

Program Type: Discretionary/Competitive Grant

Types of Projects: Each program assisted with federal funds must enhance primarily the international academic program of the institution. Eligible activities may include but are not limited to:

  • Development of a global or international studies program that is interdisciplinary in design;
  • Development of a program that focuses on issues or topics, such as international business or international health;
  • Development of an area studies program and programs in corresponding foreign languages;
  • Creation of innovative curricula that combine the teaching of international studies with professional and preprofessional studies, such as engineering;
  • Research for and development of specialized teaching materials, including language instruction, i.e., business French;
  • Establishment of internship opportunities for faculty and students in domestic and overseas settings; and
  • Development of study abroad programs.